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Short-term Cancellation Insurance

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If you booked a wonderful holiday, cancellation insurance should not be missing! Your booked holiday cannot continue, or you have to go home unexpectedly halfway through the holiday due to, for example, a severe illness. The cancellation insurance of recreationverzekeringen.nl is ideal because it applies before departure and during your holiday.

More are insured than you think.

Did you know that you can rely on cancellation insurance during pregnancy, a new job, or divorce? Many people expect cancellation insurance to be valid only in the event of illness or death.


For optimal cancellation insurance coverage, you must take it out within seven days after booking the holiday.

For whom?

This insurance is for a maximum of 4 families or nine travel companions (no family members). You must take out group insurance if you are with a larger group. Click here to take out this insurance.



Calculate your premium

Protected before and during the trip against the costs of cancellation and unused travel days


✔     Also for last minute bookings

✔     Also for when you have to cut short your holiday

✔     Cancellation insurance is not only for illness or death