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Short-term group cancellation insurance

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You are going on a pleasant vacation with your family or friends. It is wise to take out a good group cancellation insurance for the whole group despite not wanting to think about it. Often, vacations are booked far in advance. You go on holiday with the entire family or perhaps your friends. Although you prefer not to think about it, taking out good cancellation insurance for the whole group is wise. Often, the holiday is booked far in advance; in the meantime, a lot can happen that you do not foresee. Cancellation insurance from is ideal for this. The insurance applies not only before departure but also during the holidays.


More are insured than you think. 


Did you know that you can rely on cancellation insurance during pregnancy, a new job, or divorce? Many people expect cancellation insurance to be valid only in the event of illness or death.



For optimal coverage of your group cancellation insurance, you must take it out within seven days after booking the holiday (see also article 3.10 of the policy conditions). And that you send us a list of names within five working days!

For whom?

This insurance is for groups larger than four families or nine travel companions (no family members). If you are less, our short-term cancellation insurance will be taken out. Click here to take out the insurance.


Calculate your premium here

Protected before and during the stay against the costs of cancellation and/or unused days of stay.


✔     Certainly also for last-minute bookings

✔     Also for when you have to cut short your holiday

✔     A group cancellation insurance is not only for illness or death

List of names

You can only add the name list with the names of the other traveling companions after taking out/paying for the Group Cancellation Insurance. You will also receive the information by email after paying the premium.


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